SEC offers a wide range of design capabilities, including electrical and controls engineering. We offer full service industrial electrical installations, troubleshooting services and electrical control solutions for your facility.

Design/Build Services

Our team of designers works to create custom electrical systems to suit our client’s needs while working closely with engineers to build state of the art electric utilities to serve a wide variety of commercial businesses.


Southern Electrical provides commercial communication systems through transmitters, receivers, and infrastructures to integrate communication technology with your business.


Our crew offers can provide and install industry leading automation and control solutions to fit every need. From simple on/off duties to high-level algorithm driven processes. Automation can save customers on labor, energy, as well as quality control costs

Panel Construction

Southern Electrical’s panel board construction provides clients with top of the line service and quality to keep systems running efficiently.

Electrical Construction

Our team delivers specialized electrical work for a wide variety of commercial needs and projects while providing installation, maintenance, and technical repair service.

Electrical Maintenance

Southern Electrical provides thermography, oil analysis, and other routine services to ensure your electrical systems are operating efficiently and quickly at all times.


We offer thermography services to detect faulty connections, insulations issues, or other electrical issues in a non-destructive testing process.

Oil Analysis

We provide routine oil analysis for electrical equipment to detect deterioration or other issues to ensure proper insulation and cooling.

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